Personal training is far more complex and nuanced than roughing it through hours of extreme, soul-destroying exercise – although intensity IS key to increasing those fitness levels, getting stronger, and more resilient!

However, as a personal trainer with years of experience working with many female clients, I know that it’s massively important that every part of your programme is tailored to and focuses on you.

We’re talking about a carefully constructed schedule that incorporates sessions with everything that matters to your well-being, physical ability, immune system, mental health, self-confidence, and that you feel comfortable and have fun with:

    • Mobility and stretching
    • Accessible, scaled exercise you enjoy
    • Nutrition and lifestyle
    • Addressing barriers to change
    • Self-esteem and motivation

Every client is different and will have varying goals and aspirations. Still, I always advise working with a seasoned female-friendly personal trainer who has the knowledge, particularly if you want a holistic approach to your fitness goals.

What Makes Me a Female-Friendly Personal Trainer?

Taking care of your body and mind shouldn’t be stressful, highly pressured or demotivating. It should empower you to set goals you’d never imagined, conquer your fears, and learn new skills to benefit every aspect of your life, whilst remaining motivated.

Female clients often come to me with a mixture of concerns, fitness goals, and intentions, (strength training, weight loss, wellness etc.) and I begin with a thorough consultation to help me understand what success looks like to you and establish the best action plan to get you to achieve it.

There are also considerations to make around the most suitable exercises and vital nutrition for women at different life stages. I often hear from clients who have been reluctant to invest in their health due to having a young family and less time, underlying fitness or mobility issues, approaching menopause, or feeling that a gym environment isn’t for them.

The fact is that exercise is fundamental for longevity, endurance, being healthy, and essential for women who need the stamina and strength to juggle everything life throws them!

As a female-friendly personal trainer, I will listen to you, understand your priorities, suggest the right nutrition, training style and routines that will enhance your quality of life, regardless of your age, current fitness level and the amount of time you have available to commit.

Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

One of the common hurdles for starting a new fitness and exercise regime is that a conventional gym environment can make women feel intimidated. That isn’t true for everybody, but it’s certainly more often the case for women who haven’t lifted free weights before, or feel unfamiliar with workout machines.

As your personal trainer, I work at your pace – nobody else’s – and ensure you are comfortable and confident in every movement, whether a bodyweight at-home routine or gym-based strength sessions.

Exercise isn’t one-size-fits-all, so you might want to mix it up with cardio-based running, jogging, cycling, or walking, add in some resistance training to improve your heart health, and ease out your joints with a supported stretching session once a week.

Personal trainers aren’t drill sergeants, nor are we about making you do anything you don’t wish to. The objective is always to walk the journey with you, one step at a time, and show you what you are capable of, with a dash of enthusiasm, encouragement and inspiration thrown in!

And, in every single case, it’s more than you think.

Which Training Approaches are Best for Women?

No exercises are ‘off-limits’ for women, a well-balanced approach is equally important for any gender and age! I’m passionate about supporting women who want to address common problems such as joint pain, weakening body strength or declining mobility.

Weight training, as one component of your workout routine, can:

    • Support fat loss and build more muscle and muscle tone
    • Improve mood and combat stress
    • Reduce the risks of injury and back pain
    • Mitigate the risk of diabetes and heart disease

A stronger, fitter, healthier body is important for everyday tasks, such as navigating stairs, carrying children, working long shifts, and having the energy to do the things you love.

Every training programme I compile is different because it centres on the individual person, ensuring the right balance of physical exercises to improve joint stability, increase bone density, enhance heart health, and help you feel stronger, fitter and more capable.

Customised Personal Training Programmes for Women

The key is always to take a good look at your habits, time pressures and lifestyle and create a programme that works for you.

Many female clients perceive that a personal trainer will focus solely on heavy weight, extreme diets, mountains of supplements and ‘pushing through the pain’. However, very few people thrive on programmes that disregard the bigger picture and put unreasonable amounts of stress on their bodies (whatever you might have heard).

I offer a range of services designed to make fitness and health-based training available on your terms, depending on your schedule and preferences:

    • One-to-one personal training using the extensive facilities at Elitas Fitness in Chichester. We work together to train in a supportive environment, using diverse workouts to keep you motivated and that are enjoyable – I create varied and dynamic programming so you’ll never become bored of a monotonous regime!
    • Diet and nutrition advice. As a qualified, experienced personal trainer, my focus is on underlying dietary and nutritional guidance that makes your health goals more attainable. I can provide comprehensive meal plans alongside personal training to help you feel healthier, happier, and at home in your more active body.
    • Online coaching – if you work unsociable hours or find making it to the gym difficult, I will come to you. Remote coaching is ideal for women motivated to put in the work but needing a professionally created plan specific to their goals, with detailed, bespoke programming catering to their needs and fitness level.

Fitness is for everyone, and with the correct advice, support, and motivation, it can make a remarkable difference to your energy, sleep health, immunity, and self-belief, whether you’re invested in a complete lifestyle change or want to take small steps to bring you closer to your goals.

Get in touch today to book your consultation, and let’s talk about what we can achieve.