Online coaching has long been a way for people to fit workouts and professional nutrition support into their lives. Maybe you live miles from the nearest gym, are trying to schedule in exercise around working shifts, or need someone to help you stay accountable without eating into your diary.

And sure, you might think that having an in-person PT session is your best option to make sure you really commit. But fitness is about what works for you, and the beauty of online coaching is that it can be a great way to change your habits, for good, on your terms.

How Online Coaching Works

Online coaching works for everyone. And yep, I do mean everyone!

A lot of people have a misconception that it’s all busy professionals – but in reality, my digital coaching clients might include:

    • People who want certain qualities and skills from their coach, which are not available in their local area.
    • Expats living or travelling abroad who want to work with a British PT.
    • Those who feel more comfortable working out at home or don’t have easy access to a gym.
    • People wanting to make long-term lifestyle changes, but without the time or budget to pay for a gym subscription alongside their coaching.
    • Those recovering from illnesses or injuries, or just starting out on their fitness journey who want to be able to take things at their own pace.

Wherever you’re starting from, here’s what we do:

First, you choose a coaching plan. Maybe you want long-term support and guidance and might choose a rolling package for ongoing help and 24/7 support. Perhaps you’ve got a big event coming up, and want an eight or twelve-week plan to kick start your journey towards your aspirations.

Next, we’ll have a chat about what your goals are, what you’re looking to achieve, and what sort of equipment, time and resources you have to work around.

Once I know a bit more about you, I create a personal training plan, with detailed workouts, calendars and rest days to get you going. You also get a nutrition plan designed around what you love to eat, any intolerances or allergies you have, and based on the ideal nutrition to reach your goals.

Then we get to work. You have a dedicated app to log your progress, 24/7 support whenever you need help, and focus updates to check in on how we’re doing.

Something isn’t going right? We review, reset, refocus and get back to it.

It’s that simple. Workout anywhere, any time, any place in the world, with your digital coach walking through the experience to make sure you get the best out of your online training plan.

Online Training vs Personal Training – The Breakdown

There are a tonne of reasons clients prefer online coaching to a PT session in the gym.

Which is right for you ultimately depends on your lifestyle, schedule and aspirations – and remember that what works for one person might not for the next, so it’s worth trying out a few different training styles to see what feels like the right fit.

Here are some of the benefits of online coaching:

    • Ultimate flexibility. Don’t have any equipment and can only work out from home? Already use a gym and want help working out what to do with your membership? Need help meeting a lifestyle goal, and want to change it up every few weeks to challenge yourself? Online coaching copes with any demands with ease, all dependent on what you’ve got to use, and how you want to get fit.
    • Tailored to you. We’re all different – some people love grinding in the gym, others hate the idea! Online coaching adapts to whatever you need; whether that’s working out in irregular hours, taking your plan with you on travels around the world, or being able to pick and choose when you allocate time for yourself, without needing to commit to specific times and days.
    • Any PT will have seen this same scenario! You come in the gym, work your socks off, but the second you walk out the door, your old habits come creeping back in (until your next workout). Not so with online coaching – you have a professional PT on hand 24/7, guiding your nutrition as well as your workouts, checking in on progress, and adapting your training as we go.

With lockdowns left right and centre, gym closures and changes to how we live all likely to leave a mark for years to come, having an online coach means that nothing stops – until you do.

Keep working, keep focused and keep committed.

Online Coaching Apps – The Pitfalls

So I like to think of myself as a positive person; but let’s take a minute to talk about why fitness apps, celeb programmes and at-home workouts sometimes do more damage than good.

It’s so easy to get sucked into; you see someone you admire looking fantastic and think it’s a great idea to drop a few quid on their app or a digital programme, in the expectation that you’ll look just like that in three weeks.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that! Online coaching is about long-term support, personalised advice, and finding the best training style for you.

Generic, one-size-fits-all apps don’t understand your lifestyle, your focus, your aims or your goals. You can end up spending hours on workouts that are not suitable, are dangerous if you’re working around injuries, and are reliant on a small army of photographers, private chefs and make-up artists to achieve anything like the results being advertised!

If you’re going to invest some cash in your health, your best bet is always to look for someone who is in it for the long-term, and is at the end of the phone if you’re struggling, losing motivation, or just want to try out something a bit different.

Nutrition is also a key part of self-development, and you need a coach who is looking out for you in every aspect of your fitness journey. Maybe:

    • You’ve not been getting enough sleep, and need to account for that.
    • Your energy levels are slumping, and you need to tweak your nutrition plan.
    • You’re not enjoying a particular style of workout or don’t have the right equipment.
    • You’re dealing with stress and issues, and want to take it easy on yourself until you’re in the right mindset to drive towards bigger progress.

In any of these scenarios, let me know, and I’ll help you find the solution.

As your online coach, I don’t charge you for a training plan and then disappear into the sunset. I don’t give you an impossible nutrition plan, and leave you wondering what you did wrong. I don’t send you workouts you don’t have the time or resources to complete.

We talk, we plan, we progress, and we succeed. Because that’s what fitness and health are about in the real world. Communication and consistency.

Interested in trying out online coaching for yourself? Let’s begin!