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Hey, I’m Reuben, thanks for visiting my site! As you can see, I’m a Personal Trainer in Chichester- but with added kudos. I work with people from all walks of life who want to transform themselves; and if you need the proof, check out some of the before and afters of the 300+ people I’ve helped along the way.

Training isn’t just about hitting it in the gym, being loyal to your macros or living a life of restraint. It’s about recognising your potential, learning about how your mind and body work, and reimagining your relationship with food.

Your success matters to me – it’s the fire that fuels me, the passion that drives me. Nothing gives me greater joy than to see a client smash through their goals and live a life they’ve only ever dreamed of.

But hey, this isn’t about me. It’s about you. So whether you are looking for a new PT or online body coach read on!

The question isn’t what you want; it’s WHY you want it. Find your why, and you’re halfway there.

• Maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as ‘fit’ & dread the thought of stepping foot in a gym full of muscle heads.
• Perhaps you know you’re capable of more, but don’t know how to take those first steps.
• Maybe you’ve hit that dreaded plateau, and need to kickstart your lifestyle to bring fresh energy to your fitness.
• Or perhaps you have a medical condition or injury and want to safeguard your future health by looking after your body.

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Personal Training

My personalised 121 personal training is in Chichester city centre at amazing facilities within Elitas Fitness. Programmes are developed with you in mind following comprehensive intro and assessment sessions. Training with me is refreshing, motivational and fun, I promise. With your full commitment and my support, just watch the results roll in, regardless of your health and fitness goals. Find out more about our Chichester Personal Training.

Diet & Nutrition

Effective diet and nutrition can only be achieved through planning and coordination. This is part of all my training packages, both online coaching and personal training and core to your results. Meal plans in full consultation with you make a real difference and speed up results substantially.

Online coaching

Working with a personal trainer online is different to face to face sessions and usually takes more commitment over a short period to take your training to the next level. If you are already working towards a specific goal or challenge and are looking for extra support, this could be exactly the drive needed to succeed.
With a number of options including a 12 week programme, there is no time like the present. Find out more about the Reubizzle online transformation packages.

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Personal Training


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Real Work. Real Results.

What’s Included

Online Coaching

Online training has never been more popular than during 2020, with so many reasons to workout from home or your favourite gym.

Online coaching is the perfect opportunity to work at your own level and be pushed by a professional, to maximise your training with the accountability of a specialist trainer.

I personally design each and every workout, plus a nutrition programme analysed specifically to your goals.


When you signup the 1st stage is a detailed questionnaire to understand your goals, needs, challenges and preferences.

Training ProgramME

A training program 100% focused on your goals regardless of the timescales, always available on the App and regularly updated.

Meal Plan

Your custom nutrition plan is calculated to exact intake for your goals with full recipes and uploaded to the App.

App – 24/7 Support

You will be able to access our plans and upload photos via our App, plus connect via WhatsApp when needed!

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