As a transformation coach, I am passionate about the power of a body transformation; and see time and again the profound impact this has not just on how you look, but how you think, feel about yourself and deal with setbacks.

Transformation isn’t just about that all-important before and after shot (although that’s a feeling money can’t buy!) but is about recognising your potential, and knowing how it feels to smash through your goals with confidence.

Let’s check out why everybody (including you) should try a body transformation, at least once in your life.

What is Body Transformation?

Ok, so first off let’s look at what body transformation means – and what you can expect.

In short, it’s an intense, focused workout and nutrition regime that aims to change the way you look from the inside out. There is absolutely no doubt that anybody, from any starting point, can look amazingly different with eight weeks of hard work.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never run a mile in your life, haven’t stepped foot in a gym, and dread the thought of a salad. At any age, level of fitness or experience, having an appetite for success and the motivation to commit for two months of training will make a remarkable difference to how you look, move, sleep and feel.

But it doesn’t stop there!

Transformations revolutionise the way you think about yourself, and how far you know you can go when you have a barrier in your way, or a goal you want to achieve.

Yeah, it’s great having some awesome photos looking slick, toned and strong – but aesthetics is a tiny fraction of what health really means, and a transformation is a powerful way to send yourself in a new direction, for the years to come.

Interested in what a transformation looks like? Check out my client image gallery here.

How to Change the Way You Live – Forever

My transformation packages run for eight weeks. Sounds like a lot? Trust me, it flies by.

The problem we have when we talk about ‘transformations’ is that we might have unrealistic expectations about how much work, effort and time is required to make a fundamental difference to your appearance.

We’ve all seen the Insta ads for gummies, diet shakes, fat burners, and diet suppressants that promise to strip away your belly fat in a month, in return for $39.99 and a customs charge. This myth that a pill or shake can make a significant change is an easy way to con you out of your hard-earned money.

If you work out one hour per day, say six days per week for the next eight weeks, that’s 40 hours. Total. Say I asked you to work really hard for one week, and spend the rest of the next two months kicking back and taking it easy; you’d bite my hand off!

But transformations do take work, make no mistake. Don’t be fooled into thinking if you spend enough money, you’re going to look any different – you need to put time, effort, and consistency into it, and work with a transformation coach who knows how you tick, and what will help boost your motivation to get you over that finish line.

Here’s why it’s worth it:

    • You learn everything you need to know about nutrition, training and health. Long-term fitness and health look different for us all, and a transformation is like a quick-fire burst of education that will set you up for good. When you know how to eat, how to train, and when to rest, you are equipped with that knowledge for the rest of your life.
    • Crushing your goals. One of the worst things we can ever do is never to try because we expect to fail. This applies to everything – relationships, family, jobs, and hobbies. When you embark on a transformation, you commit eight weeks to something you can see and experience. Knowing that you have the potential to succeed has the power to change your mindset in a way that is difficult to describe.
    • Invest in yourself. They say that if you bet on yourself, you will never lose – and I have never, in my four years of coaching, had a single client wish they’d not gone for it. How often do you take time out to develop and better yourself? I’m not talking about a new outfit here; I’m talking about education, learning, and progression. Transformations are a way to prioritise your wellbeing, and the benefits of that positive mindset spiral out to every area of your day-to-day.

What to Look for in a Transformation Coach

Next up, let’s consider what you should be looking for – and what you should avoid! Any transformation promising quantifiable results (inches lost, pounds shed, muscle mass gained) in a very short timeframe is either setting you up to fail or is dangerous.

A great coach will push you, they will encourage you, and they will get every ounce of effort out of you that you have to give.

What they won’t do is ignore your nutrition, prescribe harmful dietary supplements, or fail to consider your personal goals and challenges. Your food and training must be bespoke – a coach should listen to what you want to get out of the transformation, and tailor your experience to be as positive and beneficial as possible.

For me, it’s never about perfection. It’s about progress. Recognising what you can learn, and gain, seeing your potential, and working with you to find those diamonds and use them to help you to shine.

Remember that your transformation is about YOU, not your coach. Sure, they’ll be super proud of your results, and want to share them with everybody they know! But never sacrifice your goals, or invest time in something that doesn’t feel right, because at the end of the day only you can walk your own path.

Transformation packages are very often the start of a long, happy and healthy relationship with nutrition and exercise. Once you have been bitten by the bug and seen what you can achieve, it’s incredibly hard to slump back into inactivity!

And that’s why I love the power of a transformation.

It is a short-term process where you can equip yourself with knowledge, skills, motivational tools and tangible success that will empower your fitness journey for the long-term.

Short, sharp effort. Long-term success.

Interested in learning more about my transformation packages? Visit my page here for more info. If you’re ready to get started and want to see what you can achieve in the next eight weeks, let’s talk!!