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My Story.
My Mission.

I haven’t always been that fit guy, and so I know what it’s like to be at the start of your journey. Because I’ve been there, and I’ve walked my talk, I understand all the challenges, commitment and dedication it takes to transform yourself. And because I’ve done it, I know you can too.

Going back to the beginning, at 16, I was the short, chubby kid, and had a dream of being an action figure. So I got to work.

First, I hit the gym with some mates and started lifting weights. I’d hang out, have fun on the machines, but with consistency and commitment, I began to see results. When you see yourself changing, and your dream becoming a reality, there is nothing like it.

Fast forward eight years, and I am proud to be a fully qualified Personal Trainer specialising in transformations – crafted to you, because there is no one-size-fits-all in fitness, and because every journey is unique.

Training Our Minds and Bodies for a Healthier Lifestyle

Hi, I’m Reuben Aryiku! So yes, I’m a competitive bodybuilder and am passionate about strength and fitness. But I don’t just help physique competitors and powerlifters; I love working with a massive range of people, who all have one goal: to be better.

My job as a Personal Trainer and Transformation Coach is my passion, and I am deeply proud of the clients I work with, and to see them improve their health, recover from illnesses or injuries, and empower themselves to take better care of their bodies and minds.

Location: West Sussex & Surrey

Having grown up in Surrey, I am now based in Chichester. I train clients in person at Elitas Fitness and deliver online Personal Training and Coaching to clients from across the UK, and around the world.

Professional Experience: 4 Years of Qualified Coaching, 9 Years Fitness Training 

With over nine years of experience in the health and fitness industry behind me, I’ve also worked with over 300 clients to create their personal transformations.

Every client is different, and I care about understanding your goals, and long-term aspirations to ensure your new lifestyle is enjoyable and sustainable. Transformations can revolutionise the way you think, the way you look, and the way you eat, in even a short space of time.

My Mission: To Help You

Building on my own experiences, I love working with everyone who comes my way. From sports pros to gym novices, everyone has the chance to improve their quality of health.

I’m also passionate about educating young people to make better life choices and have worked as a mentor for children and young adults to help them channel their energy into making positive decisions.

Sound good? I’m here, and I can help.

Dust off your trainers, fill up your water bottle and let’s begin. Get in touch today.

As your Personal Trainer, I work with you every step of the way to identify your fitness goals, design a tailored programme perfect for you, and lead you through each workout step-by-step.

Competition training Reuben


Competing is a personal passion, and I have used this to develop my own physique, health and mindset. In my first ever competitive bodybuilding event, I won second place – following six months of dieting and a three-stone fat loss to reach my ideal physique.

holiday gym

Travel & Gyms

Travel and experiencing different gym environments is an amazing opportunity, and I work with clients across the UK and abroad. New people, new atmospheres, new equipment and new training opportunities are always something I am happy to get involved with.

Training & Teaching

I want every client to learn how to develop sustainable exercise habits that gel perfectly with their lifestyle. In doing so, I ensure no client ever makes the same mistakes I have in the past and can leverage my experience and education to improve their health long-term.

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Bicep Growth Bible

Download the Ultimate Bicep Growth Bible PDF 
Includes a comprehensive bicep workout

Download the Ultimate Bicep Growth Bible PDF 
Includes a comprehensive bicep workout