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Let’s talk; and if you’ve never worked with a coach or a trainer before, rest assured we keep it simple.

No intense quizzes about how many sugars you take in your coffee, or why you’re not making those 10,000 steps a day. A fitness journey is an exciting opportunity to change your life for the better, and my job is to support you in achieving those goals, no matter how big they might be!

Send me a message, let me know when’s good to talk, and let’s get you started.

Whether you need help with general health and nutrition, a crafted training programme for a sport or event, or just want to feel better about your life choices, together we’ll make it happen.

Think having a trainer is expensive? Take a look at my online training packages for clear, affordable plans to suit your training needs.

Reuben Aryiku
Elitas Fitness
Terminus Mill,
Terminus Rd,
Chichester PO19 8UN

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Bicep Growth Bible

Download the Ultimate Bicep Growth Bible PDF 
Includes a comprehensive bicep workout